Cassaundra Marie - Writer/Filmmaker/Production Designer

Cassaundra Marie - Writer/Filmmaker/Production Designer

About Cassaundra Marie


Cassaundra Marie

Pacific Northwest born, Cassaundra

Marie was introduced to performing arts and creative writing in elementary school.  She is a published poet, and has accumulated performing and writing credits with the University of Washington's Cultural Arts Poetry, Tribeca Performance Art Theatre's Writers in Performance, and more.

Datura Black Films

Datura Black Films  is an independently run film and theatre company, founded in 2010 by  Writer/Filmmaker/Production Designer Cassaundra Marie.


This company is devoted to telling stories of all people from all walks of life.

" The greatest stories are those of the unordinary; scarcely told, and barely murmured above a whisper. The stories we shy away from telling a neighbor, but divulge among a stranger. It's the familiarity in the atypical, the queer comfortability in the unsettling, the shrink that make us shift in our seats... These are the types of stories we must see"

- Cassaundra Marie


Year of the Phoenix 


Tooth and Nail (Showcase Snippet)

Production Design/Set Decoration


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